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Year End Accounts

For business partnerships and sole traders, the year-end accounts are aimed at forming the basis for self-assessment tax returns.

In the case of a partnership, these accounts will help each partner know the existing balance in their current accounts. For an owner-managed limited entity, the accounts of the limited company will have all the in-house details pertaining to the dividends paid to each shareholder, the salaries paid to each director, and should tally with their self-assessed tax returns.

Year-end accounts should provide priceless data pertaining to your company operations. From this data, you get to establish whether the price margin on the sales price has been appropriately set. It also acts as an indicator that you can use to compare against how the company performed in the past year.

Expenses and sales movements are exposed, making it possible for the company directors to make more informed decisions moving forward. We will highlight the anomalies for you so that you can get to investigate them further. You are much closer to bringing your business to success when you have a year-end account.

We are happy to furnish you with exactly what you require from a simple Income & Expenditure Account right through to Full Accounts including a Balance Sheet.


Management accounts, profit forecasts, interim accounts and quarterly reports can all be provided if required.