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Business Plans

A good business idea should be backed by a good business plan that contains a sound strategy and well-prepared financial details to help this idea become a reality.

Preparing the Business Plan

Many start-up businesses require funding to start operating. Having a good business plan in place allows you to determine whether the idea will return a profit. It also allows lending providers such as banks to get a clearer view of how your business intends to shape itself.

A good business plan should explain:

  • The line of work you intend to get into.
  • The existing gap in the marketplace.
  • How your business will fit into that marketplace.
  • The objectives and goals of your business.
  • The unique selling points you intend to use.
  • A projected sales forecast.

When seeking funding or when looking to attract financial investors, you will have no option but to present a convincing image of how the business will look like in a few months or years’ time.

At Premier Tax Accountants, we are conversant with the information that is needed, and how it should be presented. We will work with you to increase your chances of being successful and to enhance your chances of being funded.