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Corporation Tax

Every UK based limited company is subject to paying corporation tax based on its yearly profits. Limited companies not based in the country can still be expected to pay this tax if their management and central control operations occur within the UK.

Before you start operating, the first thing you will need to do is to make sure you register your company with HMRC. Use the official forms so that it knows that the company you are registering is liable to pay corporation tax.

For companies that are liable to pay this tax, there is a need to calculate the profits made by the companies. Profit calculation has to occur at the end of each accounting period. From these calculations, you get to learn how much tax the corporation will need to pay.

A corporation tax return form will need to be used to report this information to the HMRC. Your company will also need to submit tax and accounts computations to support the returns you have filed.

Our accountants will assist you to prepare your company accounts, tax computations, and company tax returns. We will also arm you with information and advice on tax planning areas that could prove beneficial to you and your firm.