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Limited Companies

A well run Limited Company is an extremely tax efficient vehicle. However, to avoid the myriad of potential tax traps that currently exist the Company needs to be run properly and the transactions within the Company need to be reviewed on a regular basis in order to minimise the risk of any adverse tax issues arising.

As a client of Premier Taxation Services LTD you can rest assured that we will monitor the running of your Company on a quarterly basis which puts you in the very best position to be able to maximise the efficiency of your Company and should alleviate any potential problems that might otherwise arise if the Company was not closely monitored.

Limited Company Formations

Premier Tax can help you with all your limited company formation requirements and Limited company accounts. Our LTD company formation services include:

  • The company of your choice being set up within 48 hrs.
  • Registration with HMRC for all the necessary taxes.
  • Full email & telephone support package.
  • Access to a wealth of tax saving strategies.
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