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Landlords are required to pay for taxes on rental income if it exceeds expenses, reliefs and allowances. However, if the property incurs a loss, the landlord should disclose this information to the HM Revenue & Customs as it offset by future profits. Here are areas where you will find our experts helpful:

Becoming a Landlord for the First Time

If buying property for the first time, our professionals can help you during the acquisition process to ensure you are as tax efficient as possible. You only need to explain your budget, and we will advise on the best ways to choose a property and manage your finances.

Selling Property

The law requires landlords who have sold or given away second properties to complete a tax return. We will help you through the process and recommend available opportunities for tax planning to reduce the amount required for capital gains tax.

Manage Your Block of Flats

If you own several flats, you may think about setting up a management company to provide a convenient way for residents to manage shared expenses like roof repairs, insurance and communal cleaning. Such companies are governed by the Company Act and should prepare the final annual accounts just like other companies. Our accountant services for such landlords include:

  • Submitting company tax returns.
  • Submitting annual reports to the Company House.
  • Providing legislation and tax advice.
  • Managing your service charge accounts with tenants.
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