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Start Ups

The early years of a startup business can be challenging. They compete with already established companies and need to create and niche for themselves in the market. Premier Tax Accountants understand this all too well and are here to provide essential accountant services for startups.

Business Plan Reviews for Startups

Startups need cash to woo investors into investing in their ventures. Why not engage an expert to help you plan it out? We review business plans and help you develop captivating pitch decks to assist you when seeking funds for your business.

Schedule Meetings with Finance Companies

During your early days of business, you need to identify a friendly bank that can fund sudden projects or cash inadequacies. Premier Tax Accountants boasts well-established relationships with renowned banks, and can help you prepare for meetings.

VAT registration for Startups

It is essential for every business, including startups. The main advantage of VAT registration is that a company can reclaim VAT on purchases made before selling. However, if you decide to register later on, you can recover VAT prior to registration through HMRC.

Helping your Startup to Avoid Tax Penalties

Businesses can pay hefty penalties for late payment of taxes, we can help your strtup with current registration to reduce the likelihood of penalties such as:

  • VAT penalties: This penalty applies to companies that represent themselves as registered for VAT but are not. Registered businesses are required to submit their returns and pay taxes on time.
  • Tax penalties: Businesses face penalties for failure to notify the HMRC about their tax liability.
  • Missing invoices: Businesses can’t claim tax relief or reclaim VAT when they have missing invoices.
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